B Capital Pte. Ltd. is an integrated real estate investment and development company headquartered in Singapore. It has established its footprint across Singapore’s commercial real estate scene through property acquisitions, asset repositioning and development.

Adopting a value-oriented investment philosophy, B Capital has acquired and continually seeks out under-performing assets. The full potential of these properties are thereafter unlocked through asset enhancement. These value-added assets not only achieve long-term capital appreciation but further generate revenue from a diversified pool of established tenants. This enables B Capital to sustain high yields and growth over the years.

A deep appreciation for conservation buildings shared amongst B Capital’s founders has also provided the foundation for the Company to embark upon the enhancement of such properties while preserving its heritage value. B Capital not only strives to rejuvenate these assets, but also seeks to realise their value in modern Singapore.

The unique blend of vision, knowledge and expertise of its management team provides the ideal platform for the privately held Company to meet the demands of the fast changing real estate market, for the benefit of consumers. B Capital plans to embark on more development projects locally and overseas in the near future.

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